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  Brand awareness is 8 times higher with video promotion compared to other methods

Corporate films are becoming a more popular form of communication between the company and the audience, company and company, or company and employee.

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Corporate films are most often part of a strategy to build a positive brand image as an employer. Corporate films allow people interested in working in the company to meet their future co-workers. They are not just a dry entry on the company linkedin, you can see how they talk and behave, hear the enthusiasm in their voice, see their style. You can also show your swanky modern offices! This counts twofold amongst advertising agencies, who can gain in the eyes of the future employee by showing a friendly, creative environment.
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Corporate films are not only part of employer branding, but also the wider PR strategy. They allow for showing the inner workings of a company. You can display your successes, display it in a positive light not only in the eyes of the future employee, but also the client or business partner. You can show the swanky digs, the sales charts or the special perks. It’s not a powerpoint presentation or a reward cabinet – it allows for creativity.


Today, it is not enough to have a good product – it is about advertising. Video is one of the most effective forms of promotion. It is very effective: in just a few minutes you can display data, meet the employees, show the office…


Corporate films can be created in several forms. The most popular are:
– employee interviews (very effective in employer branding )
– animations (displaying data and successes)
– traditional video (showing the offices, the work)
– mixed technique videos (for example traditional videos with a touch of animation)


offer - corporate film production


1 – Establish the aims

We establish the detailed aims and goals of the video.

2 – We define the target audience

Who is the audience? The grunt worker, or the manager? Is it promoting the company externally, and if so, is the audience the future customer, the employee, or the partner? We will help to answer all your questions and adapt the form and script of the film.

3 – Choose the form

An animation could represent numer data better; employee interviews will help in a recruitment drive…

4 – Creation

The idea, creating the concept, writing the script…

5 – Realisation

From casting, choosing the filming location, to intensive shooting days.

5 – Postproduction

Sound, effects, creating animations, and done!



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